Blue Cherry Releases Their Second Music Video!

                       Blue Cherry is happy to announce the release of their second video Believing In Not Believing! This video was made with nmrfilms and the help of Brett Truett!

Blue Cherry Releases 'Everyday' Music Video


    Blue Cherry is proud to present their first official music video in partnership with nmrfilms. This is the first of the singles from their upcoming concept album On Top of the Seafoam that is scheduled to release in the coming weeks!

New Album Soon!

After months of being in the studio and working hard at all hours, Blue Cherry is nearly ready to release their new album. Another single on top Everyday is soon to be released soon!

Blisters to Cherries!

    After much deliberation, Blister has decided to change it's name to Blue Cherry. With the love and support of all their fans, friends and family they are excited to enter this new stage of their career along with them. To celebrate, they have officially released the single Everyday from their upcoming album on soundcloud and are giving it away for free!

Listen Here!

Blister Covering Seven Nation Army By The White Stripes

Blister Live At The JCC!

     The band is excited to upload this article from the JCC News September 2015 edition! It showcases Blister doing what they do best for the ever growing crowds.

New Music Video of "Blue Cherry"!

     Blister is back again, new and improved. This is a hot off the press release music video of the song Blue Cherry from their inception album Just For Today. This was a complete DIY project and was done out of the care of friends and family. They would like to thank Marina Giannandrea for capturing these video clips, Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings for recording, mixing and producing this piece along with others, and the Mailman Memorial Center for letting them put on this production within their walls. Blister is currently working on new releases, and they need your support to start the impeccable machine of music that we know today. So be sure to like, share, and comment on this video and visit their many other sites listed under the "Links," tab. Please feel free to message or contact us here at the Blister HQ at Thank you and stay tuned in for more soon!



If anyone can guess the two pop culture films sampled in the video, they will be rewarded! 

Email us with your answers!




New Songs Release (Sorta..)

     The band has recorded and released an EP showcasing the several songs from their first album Just For Today (JFT). The latest release entitled Blue Cherry (MMC), the first of two for the upcoming months, is a rerelease of Blue Cherry, Over You, and a cover of The Moody Blues's Tuesday Afternoon. Be sure to click the Music tab and check these songs out, download them for free and share them to the max! 

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