Originating from Utica Ny, Blue Cherry (AKA Blister) encompasses the DIY ideologies of Punk with the essence of an Alternative influence. As a young band, they strive towards a professionalism rare to their age group. They have recorded their first live demo album entitled Just For Today, did so in one day, and finished a product to the best of which they could manage under Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings. While taking pride in writing their originals, Blue Cherry knows the importance of performing these songs as well as wide range of covers in a live format. These covers include those of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, The Raconteurs, all the way to the Moody Blues and everything in between. This vast arsenal of musical interests is a result of the four distinct members that make up Blue Cherry. The members are:


SEAN HASTINGS. Singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Blue Cherry, Sean conveys a refreshingly original Grunge and Alternative attitude in his raspy voice encapsulating years of musicality and experience in playing all forms of music beneath his entrancing liver colored hair. As an accomplished music theorist, he has mended his mark on the affluent and professional local music society as a highly regarded Saxophonist. He has mastered the lost art of Spontanea Dormientes, otherwise known as Spontaneous Sleeping, in which the wielder of said power can fall asleep at any given moment in any given place at the mercy of their will. 



BRANDON JAMES. After joining the band, Brandon drastically changed the way in which the band operates. In saying so, the band now washes their hands after every practice. Brandon brings a clean (Sanitary), groovy bottom end, supporting the ensemble on his broad musical shoulders. While performing as the band's bassist, Brandon serves as a duality, appointed as head of security resulting in his seemingly static, motionless stage presence.



JOHN HARF. The hard hitting, unmistakable and pulsating drummer of Blister utilizes every limb to establish an enthralling backbone, driving each moment with unprecedented force. Behind his drum kit, John accentuates the use of his unmatched speedy foot work and although often asked, he does in fact only have two feet. Quick to the punch, John emits wit and sarcasm from behind his glasses and under his dark brown hair. 



REID ELLIOT. Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, Reid is the complementary element to Sean's rough edged forward presence, accounting for a melodic and layered punctuation in the band. He formulates a precise topping to the often intense and thickened musical factors below. As a frequent reader (Reid-er) and writer, he enjoys journal writing and the works of the likes of Ernest Hemingway.  

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