Album Cover
Just for Today Live Recording
Released: Sep 22, 2014
Label: Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings
Track Listing
1 Over You
2 Realization
3 Fairgrounds
4 Let It Go
5 Scrooge
6 Invalid
7 Blue Cherry
8 Atychiphobia
9 Madison
10 Just For Today

Liner Notes

Warts and all, Just For Today is happily recognized as Blister's first album release. Although a live demo album, JFT maintains the energy and message of the bands identity and unique sound. Each of the 10 tracks were recorded by the humble means of Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings. The songs themselves are a collection of writings composed within the time span of the past three years. (2011-2014)  It is musically punchy and constant in synergistic motion while the lyrics within the songs convey a definitive message. When asked to describe the concept behind the album title, Blister explained "Everything we know and feel is Just For Today. Our collections of emotions and over-complications of ambitions often break down our minds to an altered state, rendering it inert, and unable to function under the pressure. But it is essential to recognize that all of these emotions and perceptions of life change with every passing day, as does life itself. Nothing is ever permanent, nor fixed in place when it comes to the composure of the human mind. Everything that hurts you today can leave by tomorrow, and hell it could return by the next day, but all that truly matters is knowing that it is all Just For Today." Although distorted by the quality of recording that could be managed, a universal message is attempted to be put out by the band, and they leave it for the listener to value in their own way. Blister plans on making further releases, reproducing a more polished version of the release as soon as Studio6 can schedule recording time. Recorded in one day, the band hopes you enjoy their early renditions of these songs while they prepare even more works to add to the collection!!! Stand by and visit the site often for updates on releases and future planning decisions.



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