Album Cover
Blue Cherry (MMC)
Released: Sep 17, 2015
Label: Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings
Track Listing
1 Blue Cherry (MMC)
2 Over You (MMC)
3 Tuesday Afternoon

Liner Notes

     As Blue Cherry's second release, the Blue Cherry (MMC) EP is an official revamp of several songs from Just For Today (JFT). Spanning from the earliest of material (Over You) to some of their latest (Blue Cherry), Blister has also included a cover of a band favorite, Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues showcasing Sean on saxophone!. All three songs are revitalized one step further in the slow but sure walk of recording quality.  This Ep was recorded at Mailman Memorial Center in Utica NY, and strives to give more depth and life to several songs from JFT. Future releases will be landing on the pedestal of punk in a very short amount of time. So stay tuned because the band cannot wait to show you what's next!

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