Album Cover
On Top of the Seafoam
Blue Cherry
Released: Jun 15, 2016
Label: Valley Sound Studios
Track Listing
1 Rue de la Fontaine
2 Believing In Not Believing
3 Penciled Paranoia
4 Everyday
5 Cyclic
6 Wounded Dove
7 Victims of the Winter
8 Suspended
9 Envoi

Liner Notes

On Top of the Seafoam is the band's first official release under the new name Blue Cherry!  It was recorded, produced and finished in a nearly 9 month long time span. The album was mastered, engineered and produced by Mike Tripoli of Valley Sound Studios and the band could not be happier with the final product.  A lot of maturing is evident in this concept album thriving on elements of water and personal exploration.  Each track attacks a different style and genre without shame.  Please feel free to download and share this album! If not from here, then from iTunes, Spotify or any of the other music sites you can find the band on! There is no turning back from here for Blue Cherry. This is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey. 

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