New Music Video of "Blue Cherry"!

     Blister is back again, new and improved. This is a hot off the press release music video of the song Blue Cherry from their inception album Just For Today. This was a complete DIY project and was done out of the care of friends and family. They would like to thank Marina Giannandrea for capturing these video clips, Studio6 Woodlawn Recordings for recording, mixing and producing this piece along with others, and the Mailman Memorial Center for letting them put on this production within their walls. Blister is currently working on new releases, and they need your support to start the impeccable machine of music that we know today. So be sure to like, share, and comment on this video and visit their many other sites listed under the "Links," tab. Please feel free to message or contact us here at the Blister HQ at Thank you and stay tuned in for more soon!



If anyone can guess the two pop culture films sampled in the video, they will be rewarded! 

Email us with your answers!




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