Welcome Home!

      Welcome boys and girls, punks and peers, to the official home of Utica's own Blister! With the support and help of you all, Blister has been able to construct a uniform meeting place for you to gather the latest and hottest of information on the band! With this website comes a lot of possibility and fans like you are directly responsible for that reality, be proud of yourself! That being said the band will always and forever be in need of your support as it is the main proponent to them growing and expanding. This site is for you, made by people like you, and we hope that it does you well! With a multitude of new announcements coming in the upcoming weeks, be sure to stay tuned in either here or on any of the band's other social media pages listed under the "Links," tab! Again, we thank you for everything and can't wait to experience even more Blistermania.

Some Notes: 


  • As of the moment, the Store is currently under construction and will be showcasing Shirts, Albums, Stickers and much more very soon!
  • If you should ever want to request Blister for a show please utilize the Contact tab and your inquiry will be replied to with freaky speed! The band will play anywhere from the smallest of basements to the largest of fields, parties, tribal meetings, rituals, and anything in between. Don't be shy!
  • Any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints are greatly encouraged and can be sent to the band through the Contact tab.