Just For Today

-Just For Today
I want to break everything, and rebuild them just to break it all again.
Must be a full moon tonight, as my demons come to nail me to my sins.
Enigmatic my mind falls, far behind as the night swallows the day.
Fueling lies I find comfort, in the darkness that now blankets my brain.

They linger but pass, these feelings they
grasp the weakened and altered state of my brain.
Just for today, I know they cannot last,
my emotions accumulate, just for today.

Verse 2:
Life has been better since yesterday, how long ago that was I don't really know.
All my troubles gone away
The moon has fallen and they leave by the new day.
Liberated I know I have been revived, no longer empty in my brain.
As the sun starts to set
I know that tomorrow, it will change.


And no one could understand you,
your manic depressed brain.
There's no feeling you've yet to gone through,
You find order in the insane.

The Rise and The Fall
The Weight of It All
The Hate and The Love
And All the Above
Accumulate Just for today