Blue Cherry (MMC)

And, So you're down, like the tears aside your face, and the grief that takes their place.
Your whole damn life should be erased.

Well I am around, to put you back onto your feet, and to throw away defeat.
From rusting bindings you're released.

You're holding yourself down.
Its no one but you.
Your resent for this town
should tell you what to do.

Well this time around, i will put an end to it all, no more slip ups no more falls.
Our lives are waiting, make the call.

Now I bow down as you conquer all your fears, and set fire to your tears,
draining the pools of regretted years.


Well don't give up, accidents aren't enough to ruin your fate, they're only mistakes.
Your life won't end, its only just began. Trust in me my friend, this is not the end.