Wounded Dove

Spare me out at sea, post Columbian voyage with me.
We'll wash these decks and free our necks of minds in complexity.
The crewman take their form in angst of a recurring storm.
Up with their sails as they're biting their nails, choking memories like thorns.
Sickly in a bunk beneath, writes a sailor of seventeen
"I'm running low on ink and this ship won't sink but, rumor has it there's a leak.
Calling from the helm above is the Captain of the Wounded Dove
"Men, forget your homes and bleed for gold," while unbeknownst is the swelling wave.

It's been three months to the day, and the boy keeps his love at bay.
There's no bottle equipped for the words held fit, and so they drift away.
Seasick primed for failure is the likes of seven sailors.
Up with their arms, intending harm if not granted their easy seizure.
The Captain smells mutiny, and the slave pleads to be free
"I've done nothing wrong but sing my song, it's not my fault you disagree."
The sails are catching wind and the nets are catching sins.
They fall from above upon the Wounded Dove and so the story begins.

A cloud of smoke follows the hammer to the cap, the flash.
Senseless pride, in a fight no one recalls the reason.
Steel to skin, the Slave cries out for his freedom
"I curse this sinful ship, with this shiv I acquit myself from this life."

Regaining speed and charter, is the Captain and his soldiers.
No longer men no time can mend the killing by his order.
Forced down to the cabins is the kid and his brutal stabbings
"I see that now my ink will smear but this blood won't disappear."

Although the aftermath had quickly passed, the boy felt a sense of falling.
His dreams of home manifest a wave.

Swept off his feet, the Captain met his end lost at sea.
Capsizing, the Wounded Dove sinks slowly.
From below slowly appears the young sailor
"How many miles from home?
Where does this current flow?
What do I do now?"

*and a voice appears*

Voice: Hold your breath, don't let go unless you find comfort in what you don't know.
Kid: But how can I give you faith if I do not see you here?
Voice: If you don't see me by now...
lay a hull and I'll appear.