Suspended over both sides of a bridge we built to save us,
Tethered by a rope,
We fix the cracks and holes that we had missed.
As the bridge starts to come down we hook ourselves up to the rope.
"Don't want to fall to the rocks below,
maybe we'll be rescued, who knows?"

I know that we missed
the opportunities to fix what we had, and I'm glad they were missed.
The rope turned to a black chain, the hooks dug in our skin.
Ripped straight on through my midst, as our memory turned to sin.
I pretend you don't exist.

I know that I missed the opportunities, to miss, what I wish I did.
I could've saved my skin.
What I wish I did.
I could've saved my sin.
What I wish I did.
I could've saved my voice.

I could've choked out,
I could've prevented this,
I should've choked out,
Save the exhausting kiss that trapped me in a mist for the upcoming years
with someone else.

I built a new bridge alone, made sure that it won't bestow, the same characteristics, what failed
me before. But does new equal good?
Seems steady as can be, but you're still ripping at my side.
We pretend it's all a lie, because you don't still make me sigh